Lydia ~ Zyphryus

Creator: Charles Phipps, edited/produced by Lee Szczepanik (Arbor Productions)
These are a few character designs. Each include a male and female.

Character Race: Half-Celestial

Character Race: Lilim

Character Race: Valken

Character Race: Half-Jotun

Character Race: Humans

Character Race: Bathas

Character Race: Slythen

Other Publications

Barbershop Quartet, Inside Illust.
Cuttingblock Press. 2008

Barbershop Quartet, front cover.
Cuttingblock Press. 2008

Barbershop Quartet, back cover.
Cuttingblock press. 2008

Cover for Dark Recesses Press , January 2008

"Churel" for Dark Recesses Press , 2007

"Brazos" for Strange Horizons, 2007

Private Commissions


Autumn's Descent single CD cover

Dead Magic

Pin-up girl commission

The Magic of Corbett
9"x 12" acrylic and oil on 300lb hotpress paper

Doomsday Shroud CD cover

Ork and Elf

Symphonic Derivisions. Warning - adult content!

Chaos Reborn

Anniversary Portrait for V and N
7.5" x 7.5" acrylic and pen on wood.

The Magician ~ Tarot. One of many to be completed.
acrylic on book page, 5" x 7".

Steampunk John
9" x 12" watercolor and ink on bristol paper.

Commission portrait for Walker

Live Commission done at Mid-Ohio Con

Commission for Dr. Twisted

Pixie Stick, done at Wizard World Chicago, 2008

Undead Hampster! Done at GenCon Indy, 2008

Grinning Demon, done at GenCon Indy, 2008

Portrait of Carl Miske, 2003
Commissioned by The River Rats of Columbus Indiana, an organization dedicated to keeping the city beautiful. Often they would start their meetings by dedicating their time to a past Columbus resident who left an impression on the city, not through money, but through their personality and deeds. They decided to commission artists to paint large portraits of some of these figures. Every year for 4 years, they commissioned a new artist to do a new work. I did the final work, a portrait of Carl Miske, who had been the head of the River Rats.

This work is 4' x 8' acrylic and oil on stretched canvas.

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