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Altered Vessels *New!*

*New 2019 Installation
"Deep Forest" seen in the 2019 art page

Installation (2005, 2008)

3D and Miscellany (2015 + earlier)

Darkness Dreaming 2014 - The Art of Lydia Burris
Strange and Wondrous Creations from an untouchable inner world.

Ambiguous Spirits
Artwork that pushes out from a mysterious place within and begs for meaning and emotional resonance.

ADHD Shaman
large acrylic on canvas

Night Valley
7"x12" mixed media
Featured at the Hive Gallery in L.A., March 2014

Nightbreed Baphomet
A Tribute to Nightbreed, to celebrate the re-release of the movie as a director's cut.
12"x18" acrylic and colored pencil

The Awakening
5"x10" graphite and digital painting

(commission) graphite and digital painting
to accompany the poem "Large" by Stavros

Daily Painting 9-29
4" x 8" ink and watercolor

A Gathering of Dream Things
6" x 6.5" mixed media

A Daily Painting 9-26-14
4x6 ink and watercolor

Daily "Inktober" drawing 10-4-14
black and white ink

Madness on the Outskirts
8.5" x 9" graphite

Things Things that Pass Through the Brain
8.5" x 9" - mixed media on paper

The Unfortunate Incident
11"x14" watercolor and ink
Featured in The Steampunk Victorian event show with the theme of Time Travel, Indianapolis, IN.

Peculiar Portraits and Perplexed Plums
Sometimes *Life* Intrigues me as much as the imagination, but there is always a twist.

Rash leClown Ponders Existence
8" x 16" acrylic on wood panel

9x12 acrylic on paper

Our Names Will Be Written on A Thousand Walls
8" x 18" Portrait of Tony Todd as Candyman

The Orange Cat of R'lyeh
(commission) 9"x12" acrylic and colored pencil

The White Cat of R'lyeh
(commission) 9"x12" acrylic and colored pencil

King Leodogran
9"x12" acrylic and colored pencil

9"x12" acrylic and colored pencil

The Perplexed Plums
8.5" x 9" acrylic and colored pencil

Ralph Experimented
5"x7" acrylic, collage and colored pencil
Found Poem: "Ralph experimented with the gods of infinity. The phenomenal universe becomes Black Light. Darker interpretations have been given."

Portrait of Indianapolis magician Marc Lehmann
(commission) 9"x12" acrylic on board

A Sampling of 3D works


Dr Mortimer's Abomination

Dr Mortimer's Abomination closeup

Beer Tree
I was invited to create work for a "Canvitational" event through Sunking Brewery.

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