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3D and Miscellany

Lydia ~ Zyphryus


I created a hut for the Masterpiece in a Day contest at Fountain Square in Indianapolis. September 2008.
I also created a hut for the Harrison Gallery's "Brown paper packages all tied in string" show. December 2008.

I have been building "walk-in/crawl inside" structures since I was a child. I used to create my 'own room' out of laundry baskets, chairs and blankets. I dug holes in snow piles large enough to occupy myself and a friend. I created a tiny hut to do my homework in by using a forsythia bush , sticks and leaves. I believe there is a driving subconsious force behind these creations, a craving to build my own sacred space, my own nest.


NSAD Gallery, Norwich, UK.
Steel, wood, text, sketchbook.

I invited viewers to walkthrough the tunnel. Coming from another room, the tunnel lead to my sketchbook bolted to the wall. No one hesitated looking through it, which was my goal. The sketchbook included thoughts, sketches, jokes, and journalism from my semester leading up to the project. One of my ideas behind this work is that no matter how closely or how long we look, we can never know the whole story. When we are faced with the 'overwhelming,' we tend to pick out smaller sections that we can identify with, or focus on. The tunnel itself reflected the nature of installation and being an artist - A Journey THROUGH.

Into the Deep Woods

NSAD Gallery, Norwich, UK.
Steel, wood, text, sketchbook.

"Into the Deep Woods" is about a journey into the self to confronting the soul. I paralleled this work loosely with the idea of Joseph Campbell's writings of the "Hero's Journey." The Hero's journey reflects the times in our lives when we must make big decisions. We have to do a lot of soul searching, and hopefully we will emerge more confident, and victorious over our own fears and doubts. In mythology and folktales, this journey is expressed with a hero, descending into the underworld, or into a deep dark wood, or a winding labyrinth to confront the unknown, the ugly, and the monstrous. The hero overcomes his obstacles, defeats his enemies, and emerges victorious!

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